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SL Jewelry Inc - Services

We provide 3 main services:

  1. Jewelry designing & manufacturing;
  2. Electro-plating; and,
  3. ODM / OEM production.

Our motto is to provide all our services at very reasonable rates.

These are steps of how you can begin to work with us.

  1. Complete our customer form and fax it back to us;
  2. We will study your requirements and contact you through email for clarifications;
  3. Once you confirm the final job scope, we will quote our rate charges;
  4. Upon agreement of our rate charges, we will require you to bank into our account;
  5. We will, on receipt of payment, produce a sample of your requirement for you to decide on mass production (samples will take 21 days to make);
  6. If you are satisfied with the sample, you may send us a Purchase Order of the required quantities (120 pcs per design minimum order quantity);
  7. Our Minimum Order Value is USD$ 5,000.00
  8. In turn we will send you our Sales Confirmation (SC);
  9. On your confirmation of the SC, we will require you to bank into our accout 30% of the total amount;
  10. On receipt of payment, it will take 45 days to deliver this order;
  11. We will email & fax our Invoice to you for payment of the remaining 70% balance of this order into our bank account, when the production is complete;
  12. On receipt of final payment we will ship the order; and,
  13. You will have 21 days to return defective goods from the date of Invoice.
  14. Note: Order and Return of Jewlery - Shipping & Handling charges are paid by you. We use UPS, but you are free to use your own logistics company.

Payment Option:

  1. For orders above USD$ 10,000.00, you can have the option of payment through a 45 days irrevocable Letter of Credit (LC) at Sight (finance charges are paid by the buyer, you.)
  2. Production of any order secured by a LC will only begin after the LC has been verified.

For further information and clarification, please contact us.


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